Video instructions

Watch short video's explaining main topics

Create forms with Artificial Intelligence - Input text

Create forms with Artificial Intelligence - Upload image

Designer tools Dashboards

Designer tools Forms

Download Excel Add-in and create a dataclip

Create a connection between the datahub and the no-code platform

Build your first data flow from an Excel file

Clone template apps from the store in a collection

Download a template app from the store and import in a existing collection

Create a dataclip from a resultset in a dataflow

Create forms directly from a dataclip

App basics

How to use stylesheets

Create lists and trees

Create a simple form for web and native app in just 11 minutes

How to create subforms

How to configure form overviews

How to configure filtering and sorting on a form overview

How to use events - actions on a form

Configure form rules on a form

Create a simple dashboard in less than 6 minutes

How to use events and actions on a dashboard

Mapping data on a dashboard

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