Data hub

Organize data traffic with data flows

The applications have access to (master) data from external data sources (import data). In addition, entered data can also be written to external data sources (export data) again by using a (default) data hub.

A data hub is a multi-platform application installed on a server (web or local).

Multiple data hubs can be linked to the same no-code platform.

The data hub can thus have the function of an edge device.

A data hub has a range of services that establish connections with external data sources (reading and writing data).

The configuration of the services takes place on the no-code platform in the Data studio. Data flows from a toolbox are used, which are visually built (drag & drop) from a toolbox of triggers, import and export functions and conditions.

If the data hub acts as an edge device, the current configuration of the data hub in question will be automatically updated upon adjustments in the Data studio (polling).

The Data studio has a default data hub with functions depending on the agreed license.

Each data hub has a unique Guid ID that must be entered when adding the hub in the Data Studio.

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