Manage users of the platform and the applications

Add, delete or edit users and fill personal info, choose a profile image, MFA etc..

SSO log in

If enabled and regarding the type of Single Sign On (SSO) which is supported you can log in with a Microsoft, Google or Apple ID.

By editing the user settings - SSO User name - you can add an account name for Microsoft or Google or Apple.

For settings click here

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

With MFA, a user may be required to enter an additional code in addition to the login requirements of a username and password. The code can be generated with the authenticator apps from Google or Microsoft


In the applications there is the possibility of impersonation.

This means that another user can be taken over from the app and web app with a few clicks.

You can set this option by editing "Configure managed users".

Other users can be linked to a specific user, such as a manager by means of set rights, which he/she may temporarily take over. This will then receive a function button "Accept user" in the app under "settings".

Pressing this function displays a list of users (based on set rights) that can be taken over. From the moment a user is taken over, all actions are performed by the replacement user.

After the execution of relevant tasks, you can switch back to your own account.

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