Data sets

Create data sets to use in the applications

The applications have access to (master) data from external data sources (import data). In addition, entered data can also be written to external data sources (export data) again by using a data hub.

Any2info uses a so-called dataclip as a tool to be able to use datasets in its applications.

Data clips are data tables that represent datasets directly from a data source or created by using dataflows in the data hub.

These tables are used for visualising data on dashboards and/or for data entry and selections in a form using lists, trees, status, etc..

A dataclip is a data table consisting of a series of columns (headers) and rows where each row is characterized by a unique ID.

There are 3 types of dataclips - connections:

  • Push: The data traffic is configured in de Data Studio using the services of the data hub. A data hub has a series of configured connectors that can access a specific source for data retrieval.

  • SQL: The data traffic is initiated by applying a query to the platform's database (SQL).

  • Pull: Data traffic is initiated from a client device.

The most commonly used dataclip type is a push dataclip that is created as a result of a data flow.

All dataclips are stored in the Any2info database (SQL).

Mapping data

Linking the content of a dataclip to components on dashboards and/or forms is called Mapping.

See the separate explanation for forms here and for dashboards here.

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