All-in-one software

Any2info supplies products to quickly and easily build custom applications (desktop and app) on an all-in-one platform.

The Any2info platform offers 3 integrated tools to build applications fast and tailor-made.

App Studio

With Any2info you build applications without code and tailor-made so they fit your business processes. Applications are available in a short period of time and they operate both on desktop and on mobile.

The No-code platform offers the possibility to design and build new applications visually, without program code and with "drag & drop functions".

These new applications are immediately available to its users on desktop and on app (in the Apple and Google Play stores).

Part 1 - Build your interface in the visual application builder:

Data Studio

The data studio is the configuration tool to manage data traffic between:

  • data sources and the No-code platform - apps

  • data sources themselves

The data traffic is set up with one (default) or more so called data hubs.

Data hubs provide the necessary services and connections and are operating in (privat) cloud or local.

Data sources can have a wide diversity form ERP,- MES systems to industrial components such as PLC's and sensors.

With handy "wizard screens", visual flows and additional queries (if necessary), the setup and monitoring of the data traffic can take place quickly and effectively.

With a full license all Data hub connectors wil be available.

Part 2 - Connect data sources and build data flows with a toolbox of features

Applications - Apps (web and native)

Any2info has a self-developed app container. This means that all applications built on the No-code platform can also be used directly on mobile as an app. The app has a native user experience and can be included in the stores for relations under their own account and house style.

Part 3 - Deploy your application on any device

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