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To make an application functional, recognizable and practical for its users, the design of a good “user interface (UI) and“ user experience ”(UX) is an important topic in the design and construction thereof. The Any2info No-code platform offers a logical, modular and practical design to achieve your desired application (s). The modules available for this are explained below in logical order.

Academy Resources

For detailed info press the Question mark icon in the upper right side of the toolbar. Here you can search through the most important topics. Documents and video instructions are available.

In this module, the management of users, user groups, rights and variables can be set up.

In the app studio, an application can be build tailor-made with standard components, functions and app logic.

Each application can be provided with relevant data from a variety of data sources.

With default connections, a toolbox of nodes (triggers, import, export, functions, conditions), data flows and reports you can build customized datasets for use:

  • in the applications - apps build with the no-code platform

  • in other IT systems - data sources

All applications can be provided with specific functionality such as a module for languages, scanning tags, form web links and notifications. In addition, it is possible to import (templates) onto the platform so you can build and provide new applications to users quickly and effectively.

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