Resultset and dataclip

Create and customize a data set from a flow part


Each node, in a data flow, with all set functions, can be executed separately (execute) and results in a set of data called "resultset".

A trigger can execute a whole range of nodes directly or on frequency based on the conditions set in the trigger. Running the flow provides a resultset per node that:

  • Can be the input from each subsequent node in the data flow

  • Can be saved with the toolbox function "Save resultset" after which this resultset can be used at a later stage of the flow or in one or more other flows.

The resultsets are available per node in the Footer of the screen under the tab "Result".

Here you can also see notifications about the execution of the flow under the tab "Messages".


A resultset can be converted into a Push dataclip. To this end, the "Export to Dataclip" node is added in a flow from the Import and Export toolbox.

With the export of the dataclip, all data included in the clip becomes available on the no-code platform under the menu section Dataclips

The clip is provided with (new) data at a frequency set in the trigger of the flow.

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