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Set - extend a valid license key
For use of the platform studio, the webapp and/or the apps in the stores form Apple and Google Play you applications you must have a valid license key for an agreed number of users.
Any2info or your IT partner will be able to provide you with a license key in time. The key is valid for an agreed period and must be renewed at the end of this period. Check in time in the menu under Platform - Management whether you have a valid license.
If the number of (desired) users is greater than the number as included in the license, you can request an extension and a new key from Any2info or your IT partner.

Register and activate a valid license key:

Enter new licence key: Press Register key (add new one) and fill in the key you have received
Activate license key: Press Activate (Status) to activate the received key for a valid number of users and period.
Last modified 11mo ago