Incoming parameters and fixed filters

You can add or edit a new "incoming parameter" or "fixed filter" on the tab Data.

Incoming parameter

In essence an incoming parameter describes a filter that can be set from an action that will open a form. Simple put it tells the software to apply a filter on a chosen dataclip header when gathering any data from it within the form in live view.

At this point the filter value isn't set yet because that is what will be done for a specific action. Also take note that there is a required flag, using this will tell the system that no data from the chosen clip can be collected if this filter isn't given. This may help in making sure that data is not shown when it is not supposed to.

Fixed filter

A fixed filter is one of the ways to set a value that should be used by an incoming parameter. It allows the use of various sources that will be evaluated live when running the viewer. An important advantage of using filters is that they are evaluated server side, this means that clients don't affect their value and therefore making it a better choice when, for example, a user filter is needed.

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