Create data sets to use in the applications

Any2info uses a so-called dataclip as a tool to be able to use datasets in its applications.

Data clips are data tables that represent imported datasets directly from a data source or by using the data hub.

These tables are used for visualising data on dashboards and/or for data entry and selection in a form using lists, trees, status, etc..

A dataclip is a data table consisting of a series of columns (headers) and rows where each row is characterized by a unique ID.

There are 3 types of dataclips - connections:

  • Push: The data traffic is configured in de Data Studio using the services of the data hub. A data hub has a series of configured connectors that can access a specific source for data retrieval.

  • SQL: The data traffic is initiated by applying a query to the platform's database (SQL).

  • Pull: Data traffic is initiated from a client device.

The most commonly used dataclip type is a push dataclip that is created as a result of a data flow.

All dataclips are stored in the Any2info database (SQL).

Mapping data

Linking the content of a dataclip to components on dashboards and/or forms is called Mapping.

See the separate explanation for forms here and for dashboards here.

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