The canvas is the central part of a designer screen on which components can be add, with drag & drop, and configured with specific properties and functions.

There are 3 designer screens - canvases available:

App basics canvas:

Each app has a fixed structure of design and layout in which (standard) properties for screens, navigation, menu, (corporate style) colors, privacy overviews, etc. can be set.

App specifics - Privacy

An administrator can add custom texts that relate to the AVG/GDPR conditions.

  • Statement goals

  • Data sources

  • Subprocessors

To access the application (1st time), users are required to confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions (PDF).

Dashboard canvas:

A screen can be freely arranged and made up from a series of components, called controls. The components can be easily placed and edited using various CTRL functions. See the ?-Icon in the toolbar for this.

Form canvas:

A screen can be set up vertically and can be made up of a series of components, called fields. Any2info has consciously opted for the limitation of a vertical layout in order to configure it in a distinctive fast way and based on the premise that a user often scrolls on a mobile device.

Both dashboard and form screens have options - settings for (automatic) scaling in order to optimize the display on the used device.

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