Form life cycle

This page explains when form events are executed, this page does not include the datahub triggers

Since version 4.3 form definitions support events. In version 4.3 we only supported the "On form open" event but since 4.5 we support a number of new events.

Currently supported form definition events:

  • On form open

  • On form created

  • On form saved

  • On new form saved

  • On form updated

  • Before form saved

  • Before form deleted

When are events triggered

Below are three scenarios shown and when the events are triggered. All the steps are color coded.

Blue: actions which take place on the client (Web or app)

Light blue: conditions

Yellow: Are the events, when an event is executed all related action (Linked fields, calculations, action flows) are executed before the flow continues

Green: server side actions

Open form

Save form

Delete form

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