App Studio

In the app studio you design and build, visually and with "drag & drop", custom applications (apps). These are available on all major browsers and as an app in the Apple and Google Play stores.

The app studio is characterized by "designer screens" where screens with specific components can be put together on a central canvas (worktop).

Each application consists of a composition of specific screens (dashboards and forms) for navigation, visualization, data entry, specific functions and logic. Any2info calls this a collection.

The applications, screens and components can be provided with actions, (calculation) rules, formulas, parameters and filter functions with which the desired logic can be tailored (visually).

Navigation and user functions can be set up on the platform with standard components. The applications (desktop and app) have a standard menu structure in the left sidebar and a variable menu structure that can be put together with buttons and actions. In addition, overviews can be customized and the screens have adjustable buttons for adding, saving, sorting and filtering.

The applications have access to (master) data from external data sources (import data). In addition, entered data can also be written to external data sources (export data) again by using a data hub.

Any2info uses a so-called dataclip as a tool to be able to use datasets in its applications.

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