Navigation flows

The flow function offers the possibility to filter, set, pass values ​​while navigating between dashboards.

The Navigation flows function offers the possibility to set values for incoming parameters for filtering data or set and pass data when navigating between (dashboard) pages.

Before using the app flow editor parameters has to be set on dashboards and or forms using the tab Data in the right sidebar of the designer screen. You can add or edit a new "incoming parameter" or "fixed filter" here.

In the Navigation Flow editor you can set values for incoming parameters for individual points where dashboards are loaded. Supported points are loading from menu and load dashboard actions in dashboards.

Set parameters

At the afor mentioned points you can set a value for a specifically targetted incoming parameter based on various supported types. Values will be resolved and set live when running a client.

Pass parameter

For the load dashboard actions a simple configuration can be added that takes the values of a source paramater and applies (pass) it to a target parameter.

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