Properties - controls

Add properties to dashboard controls


When you select a control on the canvas, the right sidebar will show the specific component properties panel. There you can set what kind of data and other content your UI components display, configure how they function and define how they are bound to app data.

Property General - Use of display texts: You can add a display text to a component. Alle display texts are accessable in the menu part Translations. There you also can add different languages for the display texts.


Each control can be docked into position on the screen for:

  • height and width

  • distance to top, bottom, left side and right side

Depending the docking and the set scale mode a control wil scale with the size of the device or has a fixed size.

Property Text - Use of placeholder text

To some of the form fields a specific placeholder text can be added.

A wide range of controls have the possibility to set an event, for example on a click, update or value change.

Selecting the control on the canvas will open the right bar panel where you can add events.

On a dashboard page you can link specific controls, and their specific data, to other controls.

For example:

  • A bar graph has to be linked to a selection of items in a dropdown control.

  • Date time fields (from - to) are linked to a grid overview

All links are created by using the properties of an available data clip. These properties can be selected and mapped in the relevant data clip. See the section Mapping controls.

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