Change logs

Changelog for Any2info software (Platform --- Data hub --- App-container).

4.5.0 - 2024-06-21


  • Added image ratio options to the word merge feature for forms

  • Added 'Form Attachment Added' trigger to initiate a data flow whenever a new attachment is added to a form.

  • Added 'Form Attachment Removed' trigger to initiate a data flow whenever an attachment is removed from a form.

  • Added 'New chat' trigger to initiate a data flow whenever an chat message is added to a form

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where value selection for list/tree/state field breaks in datahub nodes

  • Fixed bug in loading of incoming parameters and fixed filters for formdefinitions

  • Fixed bug where value linking doesn’t show previously saved links on first time opening

  • Fixed bug where pareto max value cannot be cleared

  • Fixed bug where form action execution stops after sequence ending in form save

  • Fixed bug in not being able to reset the password in the webapp

  • Fixed bug where AFAS export node doesn’t show mapping lines for connecttions with only a single entity

  • Fixed bug where form viewer locks after a action sequence ending with a save action

  • Fixed bug in scaling word merge images - 2024-06-07


  • Added a new vPlan export action for managing order lines, allowing the addition of new lines, updating existing ones, and deleting old ones.


  • Improved rendering load of web dropdown component

  • Improved rendering delay experienced when large amounts of subforms are rendered initially, subforms only rendered when visually active

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug filtering of Exact Online data was not functioning correctly for certain operators of types like StartsWith, EndsWith, and Contains.

  • Fixed bug in importing set value actions for list fields with the value “No selection“

  • Fixed bug where mappable targets for export to SQL server node aren’t refreshed on select

  • Fixed bug timestamp of some data flow log entries were stored as local time instead of UTC.

  • Fixed bug in handling dataclip messages, sometimes the data was not processed correctly

  • Fixed bug in not excluding deleted translations when loading a dashboard or form

  • Fixed bug where graph control can no longer be cleared

  • Fixed bug where pie others text can no longer be set - 2024-05-31


  • Improved mappings for save resultset/start resultset - only valid mappings are saved

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where subform validation triggers when returning from editing that triggered change in required state

  • Fixed bug where piechart legend items are shown incorrectly

  • Fixed bug where default sorting for grid lists doesn’t work

  • Fixed bug setting up MFA code in viewer signin and platform profile

  • Fixed bug where graph with time data doesn’t show date formatted by set display text

  • Fixed bug in import of dataflow, newly imported flows are now also send to the datahub so they can be executed.

  • Fixed bug in loading of search control data - 2024-05-06


Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in SQL dataclip not supporting DATETIME2 datatypes

  • Fixed bug in dashboard links not being deletable

  • Fixed bug in form overview filtering, masker textbox filtering does now support all operants

4.4.1 - 2024-05-02


  • vPlan export node now supports create, update and delete of order rows.

  • vPlan export node supports updating of address custom fields.

  • vPlan export node supports updating of cards.


  • vPlan export node now cached boards metadata.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in displaying custom fields in vPlan export node.

  • Fixed bug in displaying form logging on the webclient, duplicates are no longer shown

  • Fixed bug in rendering controls with icon alignment set to right, affected controls:

    • Download

    • Label

    • Button

    • Filter

    • Search

  • Fixed bug in hyperlink control text not being editable

  • Fixed bug where a form link cannot be opened when a action flow is configured - 2024-04-09


  • Execute dataflow now executes for closed forms, any received values will not be handled

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where dashboard image controls dont apply correct scaling. To fix occurring issues the image will need to be reset once in the designer

  • When a REST API node config is tested where the result will be invalid the configuration can no longer be saved

  • Fixed issue where a state change is ingored when opening subform and saving root afterwards

  • Fixed bug in loading of linked date fields configured as non datetime

  • Fixed bug in color field when using empty default value

  • Fixed Bug in actionflow switch when using a text value which can be cast to the double

  • Fixed bug in media field when saving ratio correction

  • Fixed issue in REST API node authentication when reading scopes

  • When an inline edit is performed this isn’t detected as a change for subforms

  • When an overview action delete is performed the column footer isn’t reevaluated

  • When an form overview delete action is performed this isn’t detected as a change and recalcs based on footer aren't performed - 2024-02-26


  • Vplan node now supports deeper with level

  • Vplan node now supports filtering on sub entities

  • Vplan export node now shows the rate limit

  • Vplan node filtering now supports relative date filters

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading of formdefinitions, when groups are deleted from a column the fields are still loaded

  • Fixed bug in importing unconfigured gridlist control and field

  • Fixed bug in percentage control showing target property as Base and indicator thickness is capped at 1

  • Fixed bug in Vplan node, now support writing null values

  • Fixed connection timeout for datahub edge - 2024-02-16


  • Vplan node now shows the rate limit in the dataflow log


  • Rest node now return an empty resultset when no incoming rows are available

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in editing filters and sources for execute dataflow actions

  • Fixed bug in Vplan node, the node now throws an exception when the response status code is not HTTP code 200

  • Fixed bug in Vplan node not being able to filter on fixed values when execution type is set to once - 2024-02-09


  • New connection type added vPlan (API key)

  • Improved vPlan export collection: update custom fields now supports text, email, link, phone, address, list, textarea, number, checkbox and date

  • Send event validates the specified collection ID

  • Limit rows in preview of Import vPlan node

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rule evaluation for list/tree/gridlist in closed forms

  • Opening preference "Open menu item" allows group items selection

  • Opening preference "Open menu item" can distinguish between menu items based on same dashboard

  • Panel control border thicknes couldn't be edited

  • Fixed form action execution issues when using asynchronous actions

  • Fixed issue regarding textual mappings in Export to forms node

  • Fixed execute dataflow calculation and value changed triggering issue

  • Fixed incorrect application version

  • VPlan export order: mapping added for board id

  • Fixed JSON parse error (DbNull) in REST API node

  • Fixed Export to Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and AFAS; correct value for source column. - 2024-01-25


  • The web form viewer improved state preservation when returning to parent forms or reloading

  • Create form using AI supports images as source

  • Improved parameter definition value entering

  • Any2Info portal has new improved trial created process

  • Improved datahub trigger node editing

  • Nodes support required mappings

  • Nodes support static value mappings

  • File dropping support in platform

  • New data flow node 'Import From vPlan' and 'Export To vPlan' for interfacing with vPlan

  • New data flow node 'Create Barcode' for creating bar code images

  • 'Save resultset' node has now support for insert, update and delete operations'

  • 'SQL Server' node; entity tree extended with views.

  • 'Form Links' node supports template form.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in rendering gridlist control

  • Fixed bug in data retrieval for pareto controls

  • Fixed bug in saving display text based dashboard names

  • Fixed issue where column sorting is ignored in datahub nodes

  • Fixed various issues regarding advanced features used in form links

  • Fixed bug where instances with multiple datahubs are unable to connect due to key issues

  • Fixed issue preventing configuration of gridlist control overview fields

  • Fixed issue regarding user variables set by multiple user groups

  • Fixed issue preventing configuration of value binding in form actions

  • 'Form Links' node returns full link instead of unique name.

  • Fixed bug in 'Office 365' node authentication.

4.4.0 - 2024-01-17

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in exporting dashboard with invalid mapping

  • Fixed bug in requeting data for a Pareto

  • Fixed bug in not being able to configure a Gridlist control

  • Fixed bug in filtered form lists and trees

  • Fixed bug in importing store template in platform - 2024-01-04

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in opening datahub designer - 2023-12-03


  • Added new trigger control

  • Updated Syncfusion

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where label and button control don't show text in designer

  • Fixed issue where overview actions get triggered incorrectly

  • Fixed value binding configuratiuon issue

  • Fixed form generation issue in collections with many stylesheets

  • Fixed supporting non .dll supporting files - 2023-11-24


  • Added AI form generation option to the form designer, this feature is still in beta

  • New implementation of the PDF field for better performance and more features

  • Word merge documents can now be downloaded in the platform

  • Numeric formatting can now force the number of decimals including trailing zeros

  • Dashboard control links can now be edited

  • Form field links can now be edited

  • Dashboard scaling options can now be set on the layout

  • Form overview actions now support the option open

  • Numeric field now has an option to enforce the multiplicity of the step

  • Adde KPI module to monitor storage usage of forms

  • Text area field now supports hyperlinks

Bug fixes

  • Disableling for state in the form authorization module did not present a message to the user

  • Collection icons aren't shown if the user has only datahub module rights

4.3.0 - 2023-11-14

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in word merge when using a gridlist and datefilters - 2023-11-13


  • Fixed memory leak in logging module, impacts dataservice and appsservice - 2023-11-13


  • Reduced memory usage by appsservice, improvement made in the receiving of push dataclip data. - 2023-11-10


  • Reduced CPU usage by datahub

  • Performance update in loading and saving form authorizationgroups

  • Performance update in token cleanup task

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in import of stylesheets

  • Changes minumun rights for datahub module - 2023-10-30

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in possible double refreshtoken generation - 2023-10-25

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in stopping action execution after a save action

  • Fixed bug in dashboard filtering on the mobile app - 2023-10-20


  • Added multiplicity property to numeric control to force multiplicity of the step property

Bug fixes

  • Fixed threading issue in license check

  • Fixed bug in setting field editable while the parent form is closed

  • Fixed bug in configuring set value action for selection fields (list, tree and state)

  • Fixed bug in disappearing stylesheet configurations for dashboards - 2023-10-13


  • OAuth token can now be retreived using custom redirect URL's

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in send mail node, HTML file picker now allows you to select a file

  • Fixed bug in setting numeric field to negative values - 2023-10-02


  • Added virtuals directory suffix option to the installer

  • Added support for custom fiters for form overview, these are not yet configurable through the UI


  • Token refresh behaviour improved on the platform and web app

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in filename column picker in the export to form node

  • Fixed bug in dataflow designer, no longer possible to edit the connector - 2023-08-25


  • Form rules are remodelled to action flows and triggered by events of fields

  • Studio home screen provides quicklinks to various modules

  • Studio look and feel has been optimized

  • Added message translation for execute dataflow, validation errors detected running uploads

  • Added required level for tree fields

  • Added value formatting for numerical field and control

  • Added placeholder support for lists and trees

  • Added complete dataflow trigger feature

  • Added export to ODATA v4

  • Added stop condition feature to datahub flows

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that allowed deletion of default image

  • Fixed issue regarding layout with panel deletion in dashboarding

  • Fixed issue for parameter saves in incoming parameters

  • Fixed issue where system defaults to japanese

4.2.0 - 2024-03-19

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug issue regarding wrong application version in web clients

  • Fixed bug in data retrieval for non datetime date fields

  • Fixed issue in overview footer calc when deleting by overview action


  • Improved execute dataflow handling for closed or ineditable forms - 2024-02-05

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in form rule evaluation for closed forms

  • Fixed bug in action execution after execute dataflow action

  • Fixed bug in export to form node when using textbases mappings - 2023-12-21


  • Added more supported time zones

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in overview actions

  • Fixed bug in loading menu sub items - 2023-11-14


  • Datahub improved management of refresh tokens - 2023-11-02

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in possible double refreshtoken generation

  • Fixed bug in "Unsupported" notification when importing stylesheets - 2023-10-26

Bug fixes

  • Fixed threading issue in license check - 2023-10-11

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in word merge not merging header and footer fields


  • Removed unnecenssary linked field data call when saving form values - 2023-10-10

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue unable to create negative numeric field

  • Fixed issue datahub connecters not editable

  • Fixed issue where some datahub node properties aren't enabled - 2023-09-25


  • Added usergroup selection support for sending notifications from the platform to users.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in create user

  • Fixed issue with assigning authorization group column in export to forms

  • Fixed data hub issue; upload file to platform (collectionid not found) - 2023-08-23

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in subform overview layout scaling

  • Fixed issue defaulting to japanese for unsupported client language

  • Fixed issue with addeding filters to list and tree definitions

  • Fixed overview numerical cell formatting issue - 2023-07-19

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in form overview filtering

  • Fixed bug in resetting list values when lists are linked

  • Fixed bug in placing a gridlist control on a dashboard

  • Fixed bug in displaying checkboxes in listgrid control - 2023-07-10

Bug fixes

  • Fix in prepare export 'Export To DataClip'

  • Fix in prepare import and export 'Import From Forms'

  • Fix in prepare import and export 'Export To Forms'

  • Fix in Call rest api using parameters (placeholders)

  • Fixed issue in setting SMTP OAuth code


  • Sending mails from dataflows now supports multiple To addresses - 2023-06-26

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in not being able to execute a dataflow node after saving

  • Fixed bug in resetting date value when datefield min and/or max value is mapped

  • Fixed bug in rights needed for import

  • Fixed bug in executing a REST node call, now the node asks for user input when needed.

  • Fixed bug in not being able to set dataclip for import - 2023-06-16

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in setting of connections after importing a Dataflow

  • Fixed bug in refreshing OAuthtoken in dataflows

  • Fixed bug in replacing values in send mail node

  • Fixed bug Export import node, take property was not settable

  • Fixed bug in not being able to delete a form layout

  • Fixed bug in setting of incoming parameters when using tag based parameter - 2023-06-09


  • Added support for Spanish, Chinese and Japanese

  • Form fields now support linking to date fields

  • The web app now supports pinning the menu, this feature also supports showing the icons only

  • Most of the default messages for forms can be customized and translated for example the confirmation message when a form gets deleted

  • The REST Api node now supports OAuth2 authorization.

  • Added new static variables, these variables contain fixed values. the variables can be used in dataflows and in filters.

  • New form action added to open a specific subform

  • The timeline and workflow menu item can now be deleted from the menu

  • Added import and export nodes for Exact online

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in barcode field not saving it's value

  • Fixed bug in adding manageable users

Breaking changes

  • Global variables are no longer supported, these are removed from the database.

4.1.0 - 2023-05-26

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in reset password feature

  • Fixed bug in send mail node when using attachments

  • Fixed bug in adding manageable users - 2023-05-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading linked fields when inline edit is used

  • Fixed bug in SMTP basic auth - 2023-05-23

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Addon supporting files retrieval

  • Fixed button bar button rendering issues in designer

  • Fixed mapping of fields when generated

  • Improved display text editing

  • Fixed issue regarding menu grouping dropping

  • Dataclip export and sql server export nodes allow mapping columns less strictly

  • Fixed issue when using relative dates in datahub node filter expressions - 2023-05-09

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug in dataflow static list, tree and statefield filtering

  • Fixed bug in running concurrent dataflows

  • Fixed bug in loading dataflows after datahub reboot

  • Fixed bug in Export to AFAS kolom grouping

  • Fixed bug in setting main scan field - 2023-04-26


  • Added disable option to dataflows

  • Added concurrent execution to dataflows, this features lets you run one or more concurrent flows. Newly triggert flows are queued.

  • New node to add logging to a form. This node enables you to add dataflow logging to your forms

  • New styling of filter, sorting, attachment and timeline dialogs on web.

  • Added export and import support for Dataflows

  • Added REST Node to the datahub, this node enables you to call any REST webservice on the web

  • Added prevalidate option to the dataflows. This feature can be used to prevent dataflow execution when the configuration is invalid.

  • Added new transpose node to the datahub

  • Added feature to Word merge to override checkbox true and false values with custom values


  • The create user node has a new, more user friendly, configuration screen

  • Moved dashboard properties background image and outline color to the layout to enable more customizations.

  • Regrouped all the properties to make them easier to find

  • Added search feature to the property window to make searching properties even easier

  • Improved the image zoom feature on web, this impacts all fields and controls with an image zoom property

  • Data requests for paretos are labelled to improve handling results

  • Time trigger internal working improved. for example when a trigger was configured to execute every minute this was previously handled as 1 minute between executions instead of exactly one minute between the start of execution

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug in opening wrong form after executing open form action

  • Fixed issue with resetting operation for Exact Globe and Exact Synergy export node

4.0.0 - 2023-05-30

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in reset password mail - 2023-05-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in SMTP basic auth - 2023-03-24


  • Performance improvement in check for changes method for form definitions

  • Performance improvement in loading listgrid data - 2023-03-03


  • Filter forms by system fields (e.g. form id, reference) in Import From Forms.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue in storing data flow log in diagnostics database.

  • Fixed bug in XML import node using XPath

  • Some datahub nodes (mostly import related) show a result preview. When switching to a result with less columns the designer breaks. - 2023-02-24


  • Improved filtering in Import From AFAS

  • Improved filtering in Import From Exact Synergy

  • Added cache for entity information in Import From Exact Synergy

Bug fixes

  • Filter by collection in data flow report

  • Limit records (Take) in Import From AFAS

  • Fixed bug in create/rename/delete folder in file source File System

  • Fixed bug in save file in file source Platform

  • Color field in Import From Forms

  • Fixed issue in data flow properties Disabled and ExecutionType

  • Loading issue in resultset when using custom query (win version).

  • Fixed bug in overwriting linked field value when using the same list multipe times

  • Fixed bug in loading control data when multiple controls are mapped on the same dataclip but one control has no filters

  • Fixed bug in setting relative date for datefields and date controls

  • Fixed bug in file picker dialog showing unnecessary message

  • The internal form state is not saved when creating a new state item in the platform - 2023-02-13


  • Datahub reports screen refreshes faster - 2023-02-10


  • Datahub reports screen now shows more records

  • The installer no longer deletes old files in the install folder

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in creating GS1 linked field

  • Fixed bug in missing assembly when importing forms

  • Fixed bug in creating a form from a dataclip - 2023-02-03


  • Intergrated most of the datahub functionallity in the web platform, for more details view the datahub page

  • Implemented new text editor for the text area field

  • Changed the reset password workflow in the platform

  • Added property grouping to the stylesheet configuration module

  • Added display texts to dashboard controls

  • Added new execute dataflow action to forms, this action can be used to execute a datahub dataflow and use the result (for example for executing DMN models)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in showing linked fields on the platform

3.11.1 - End of life 2024-12-16 - 2023-05-19

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading dashboard with linked controls - 2023-02-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading control data when multiple controls are mapped on the same dataclip but one control has no filters

  • Fixed bug in overwriting linked field value when using the same list multipe times - 2023-01-09

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in uploading attachments - 2023-01-03

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in list and tree filters


  • Performance improvements in loading dashboards in the platform - 2022-12-29

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in PDF export when using ListGrids and the RequireAllFieldFilters setting


  • Switched to new API communication method - 2022-12-21

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix in editing of dataclips

  • Bug fix in opening live view of dataclips - 2022-12-16


3.11.0 - End of life 2024-09-13 - 2023-03-24


  • Performance improvement in check for changes method for form definitions

  • Performance improvement in loading listgrid data - 2023-02-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where an unneeded data fetch is done for static lists

  • Fixed bug in making field mappings - 2023-02-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading control data when multiple controls are mapped on the same dataclip but one control has no filters

  • Fixed bug in overwriting linked field value when using the same list multipe times - 2023-01-24

Bug fixes

  • Inline edit 200 items restriction for list fields removed

  • Location field markers

  • Web gridlist control numeric format

  • Large attachment upload issue in web

  • Download import log - 2022-12-02

Bug fixes

  • Improvement in rendering webbased subforms

  • Fixed bug regarding masked textbox emalil validation - 2022-11-25

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in saving form authorization groups with more than 3 levels

  • Fixed bug in grid control date format when the date column is empty

  • Fixed bug in workflow field when assigning a form

  • Fixed bug in subform field drawing rows when invisible

  • Fixed bug in text area field and control, the editor did not load property in the studio

  • Fixed bug in studio when creating a set value action for a datefield

  • Fixed bug in buttonbar field when showing a button after save - 2022-11-18

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in locking of logger when multiple simultaneous calls are received

  • Fixed bug in Grid control chinese tooltip

  • Fixed bug in pareto data loading

  • Fixed bug in loading of field data when a numeric field contains a , char

  • Fixed bug in Gridlist control and field when formatting numbers


  • Improved the form message logging to be performed in batches instead of single inserts - 2022-10-21

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in web app not showing load more text when there are more rows to load

  • Fixed bug in saving a new control with a stylesheet selected

  • Fixed bug in dropdown control showing Chinese characters

  • Fixed bug in opening advanced form edit feature

  • Fixed bug in creating new stylesheets

  • Fixed bug in use as template feature for dashboards

  • Fixed bug in configuring copy form action

  • Fixed bug in configuring selectable/nonselectable actions - 2022-10-14

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading of listgrid data when RequireAllLinkedFieldFilters is set to true

  • Fixed bug in saving of dataclip settings, the settings are no longer saved double

  • Fixed bug in loading of filter control data when the filtervalue property is not mapped

  • Fixed bug in file picker dialog styling on the platform - 2022-09-29

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with deleted form authorization groups

  • Fixed issue in webapp for reading attachments with readonly rights

  • Fixed issue in webapp with change password page

  • Fixed issue in webapp with MFA token input

  • Fixed bug in platform when loading mappable control properties - 2022-09-20

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with duplicate settings when updating a SQL Dataclip connection - 2022-09-13


  • Added single sign on capabilities, supported providers

  • Added new Barcode/QRCode component. The new component can be used to display a barcode or QR code on your form or dashboard

  • Added new maskedtextbox field. This field can be used to force users to enter a text in a specific format. Examples are postal codes or email addresses.

  • Added logging on form level. This makes it possible to gain insights in when a specific form was viewed or edited and by who. The popup also makes it possible to view basic form data like the id or reference. Access to this new popup can be regulated with two new properties.

  • Added a default document download button to the form designer. This document can be used as a starting point of your own Microsoft Word merge document.

Technological improvements

  • Migrated all logging to the database for better tracability

  • Migrated all web services and API's to .NET6.

  • Updated font awsome icon library to version 6

Breaking changes

  • All form save and form deleted properties need to be reconfigured, this due to a database change.

  • All SQL clips need to be updated to include "Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=True" in the connection string. This is a requirement by .NET6

3.10.0 - End of life - 2023-02-24

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in loading control data when multiple controls are mapped on the same dataclip but one control has no filters

  • Fixed bug in overwriting linked field value when using the same list multipe times - 2022-10-14

Bug fixes

  • Fixed performance issues when loading listgrid field data - 2022-10-06

Bug fixes

  • Fixed double control name when creating bound values on dashboard actions

  • Fixed bug in form authorisation when a form authorisation group is deleted

  • Fixed bug in loading of listgrid data when RequireAllLinkedFieldFilters is set to true

  • Fixed bug in Web app for menu item indent - 2022-05-17


  • Added zebra scanner support to barcode filter field

  • Added X interval property for graphs

  • Added notes support for main objects

  • Added dashboard and form support for incoming parameters

  • Added dashboard and form support for fixed filters

  • Flow module redesigned and simplified

3.9.0 - End of life - 2022-12-09

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in load more feature on form overview

  • Fixed bug in linked field when using a numeric with decimals and the language set to dutch

  • Fixed bug in displaying decimals in form and subform overviews

  • Fixed bug in studio when setting (non) selectable action - 2022-09-27

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in form authorisation when a form authorisation group is deleted - 2022-02-02


  • Added support for scanning GS1 barcodes using the barcode filter field

  • Added support for scanning filtert lists

  • Added new configuration options to main scanning

  • Added subform overview actions

  • Added copy feature to actions

  • Added alignment properties to button and hyperlink fields

3.8.0 - End of life - 2021-12-29


  • Added multi layout option to dashboards and forms, using this option a dashboard or form can be redesigned depending of the dimensions of the end users screen.

  • Added impersonation feature to easily take control of other account, if authorised.

  • Added change tracking for form fields

  • Added UI option to display the label next to the field

  • Main scanning feature now supports value linking

  • Visible property added to the media, signature and subform fields

  • New copy feature, this feature does not save the opened form but instantly creates a copy

  • New copy action, this action allow the user to create a copy of the opened for and allow for specific field to be ignored during copy

  • Performance improvement on sign in and initial start up of the app

Bug fixes

  • Fixed open URL action on Android 11+ devices

  • Chat icon no longer displayed on form overview

  • Stylesheets can not use the transparent color.


  • Sending mail now supports sending attachments

  • Improved the export form to PDF function

Excel Add-in

  • Forms are now loaded in batches, also added progress bar

  • mappings are now preserved when a user sign in to another account.

3.7.0 - End of life - 2021-10-13


  • List with mapped default value does not show list items

  • Forms are now loaded when the form is assigned to a user group

3.7.0 - 2021-10-01


Platform - app

  • The rounded property for controls and fields is replaced with a new radius property to enable more customization options

  • There is a new shadow property to give controls and fields more depth

  • Numerical filtering on dashboards is now supported

  • Form overview, gridlist field and gridlist control now support overriding the header text

  • Sorting on combined headers is now possible for subforms

  • Search field and search control now support auto close when an item is selected

  • Forms designer shows the structure of subforms

  • There are 2 new actions for main scanning

    • Set numerical value -> this sets a fixed value for a numerical field

    • Set checkbox -> this sets the value for a checkbox field

  • New form action “trigger main scan” -> this enables main scanning

  • New form property “allow copy” this property can be used to disable the copy feature

  • New form overview system field “Is template”

  • Added support for Zebra scanners -> on zebra scanners main scanning will automatically be activated when configured

Data hub

  • New REST API data driver for loading data from REST API endpoints.

  • New Oracle data driver for import data from Oracle databases.

  • It is now possible to import data directly in data flows without creating a resultset.


  • Form rules are now executed when inline edit or main scanning occurs

  • Workflow notifications are now translated to the end users language

  • Filter control conditions are now set in the link instead of a property

  • We added short cuts to the form designer

  • Dashboard flow filters are now editable

  • Dashboard occurrence parameters are now linked to their source dataclip, preventing unwanted and unintended filtering

  • Improved drag and drop feature when editing merge document, filter fields and sort fields

  • Implemented remember scroll position when navigating back from subforms

  • User thumbnails are now loaded on demand, this reduces data transfer when opening a form overview

  • The AnyService and AnyStatus are converted to .NET core, the anystatus is now part of the anyservice. This results in one less application pool.


  • iOS textbox place holder is now aligned correctly

  • Implemented parameterized queries in form search, parts were not yet parameterized resulting in possible SQL injection risks

  • iOS and Android fixed bug in hiding and showing button in buttonbar

  • Fixed Import of form with unconfigured subform definition

  • Disabled sign in for build in admin account

  • Changed the password of the build in admin account to a random password

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