Import and export

Start building easy and quickly using app templates

Export (parts of) application templates and import these file(s) so you can create or add:

  • a completely new application

  • individual dashboards, forms, dataclips or data flows

See the Any2info app template store for examples to download.

Main steps

Step 1:

Open the collection from which you want to export dashboards - forms - dataclips - data flows

Select the exportable objects

Push the button Export in the toolbar and the selected parts are downloaded as a file

Step 2:

Switch to the Start menu and select (or create) the app collection in which you want to import

the export file (containing dashboards - forms - dataclips - data flows)

Step 3:

Open the menu item Tools and select Import and Export

Push the button Import in the toolbar and select the file from your file structure

Step 4:

The import content is displayed and now you can create a new, select an exisiting or ignore an object.

Push the button Start import

Step 5:

Additional selections may be required during the import. The screen will turn light yellow

Select the required items and Continue import

Step 6:

If all requirements are completed and the import is successful the screen will turn green

Close the import screen

Download and view the logfile of the import. The file might contain todo's for the import.

Step 7:

Your application - app is ready!

Open the web app or native app to view the result


Advance building your app

Open the menu path to adjust relevant settings or add new dashboards, forms, dataclips or data flows.

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