Microsoft Azure

Setting SSO for Microsoft

Create app registration on Azure

  • Sign in to the azure portal and go to app registrations

  • Click on New registration

  • Enter a name, this name wil be shown to the users when signing in to the application

  • Add a redirect URI with the following format. During initial creation only one redirect URI can be added, please add the other URI's after creation

    • Https://{yourURL}/AppsService/signin-microsoft

    • Https://{yourURL}/Platform/signin-microsoft

    • Https://{yourURL}/Apps/signin-microsoft

    • Https://{yourURL}/appsservice/signin-microsoft

    • Https://{yourURL}/platform/signin-microsoft

    • Https://{yourURL}/apps/signin-microsoft

  • Create the registration

Copy the ClientId

  • Sign in to the Any2Info platform and go to Platform -> Settings

  • ​Click on the group Authorization and select “Azure SSO”​

  • On the overview page copy the newly created client Id

  • Paste the id in the clientId


  • On the Azure portal go to the Certificates & Secrets menu item

  • Select the client secrets tab and click “new client secret”

Copy ClientSecret

  • Sign in to the Any2Info platform and go to Platform -> Settings​

  • Click on the group Authorization and select “Azure SSO”​

  • Copy the value of the newly created secret

  • Paste the value in the clientsecret setting

  • Enable the EnableAzureSSO setting

  • Save the settings

Connect Azure id to the users

  • For each user that should be able to sign in to the platform/app using Azure make sure the SSO username (the e-mail address) is filled.

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