Form overview header

Navigate and search through forms by using default functions in (the header of) overviews

For more info about the configuration of the overview items enter the right side bar in the App Studio - Forms and select the tabs Properties and Overviews.

Configuration of an form overview

  • Select Overview in the toolbar. Double click on the appearing overview

  • or

  • Select the tab Overview - Overview fields

Drag and drop usable fields in the overview configuration. Add combined headers if you would like to add more fields (vertically) in a column.

Styling form overview fields

Double click on each field for styling and specific functions

Specific functions form overview fields

  • Column weight

  • Icon

  • Styling

  • Footer type

  • Inline edit

  • Scan

Fillters and sorting options.

Select the tab Overview - Filter fields - Default sorting and configure the fields on which you would like to filter and sort.

Share (Excel)

Select the tab Advanced - Sharing and selected the items you would like to share.

Split screen

Select the tab Overview - Split screen for the configuration of a split screen only available on desktop.

Global filtering

Select the tab Overview - Global filtering for the configuration of the top search bar.

Header (overview)

Select the tab Overview - Header for the configuration of the top header.


Select the tab Overview - Cells for the configuration of the overview cells.


Select the tab Overview - Footer for the configuration of the bottom footer.

Load more row

Select the tab Overview - Load more row for the configuration of the load more row.

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