Quick start

How to get a quick start

If you enter the App Studio for the first time you can get some important information on how to build apps easy and fast.

  1. Activate your collection

  2. Set up some App basics

  3. Create a dashboard (f.e. Home page)

  4. Install the Excel Add-in and connect to the platform

  5. Create an Excel table and send the data into a data clip

  6. Create a simple form - click here for a tutorial

  7. Create a list from a data clip

  8. Organize the menu in the left side bar

  9. Download the app and sign in with you credentials

  10. View your app on any device

If changes are made in an application please refresh or reload the desktop viewer or mobile app by:

  • General - styling: Push the refresh button in the top left side bar of the app / desktop

  • Dashboards general (in case of caching is set): Swipe or close the app and reopen the app again

  • Default dashboards: Reload the dashboard from the menu in the left side bar

  • Forms: Reload the form from the menu in the left side bar

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