Changelog for Any2info software (Platform --- Data hub --- App-container). - 2022-05-17


  • Added zebra scanner support to barcode filter field
  • Added X interval property for graphs
  • Added notes support for main objects
  • Added dashboard and form support for incoming parameters
  • Added dashboard and form support for fixed filters
  • Flow module redesigned and simplified - 2022-02-02


  • Added support for scanning GS1 barcodes using the barcode filter field
  • Added support for scanning filtert lists
  • Added new configuration options to main scanning
  • Added subform overview actions
  • Added copy feature to actions
  • Added alignment properties to button and hyperlink fields - 2021-12-29


  • Added multi layout option to dashboards and forms, using this option a dashboard or form can be redesigned depending of the dimensions of the end users screen.
  • Added impersonation feature to easily take control of other account, if authorised.
  • Added change tracking for form fields
  • Added UI option to display the label next to the field
  • Main scanning feature now supports value linking
  • Visible property added to the media, signature and subform fields
  • New copy feature, this feature does not save the opened form but instantly creates a copy
  • New copy action, this action allow the user to create a copy of the opened for and allow for specific field to be ignored during copy
  • Performance improvement on sign in and initial start up of the app

Bug fixes

  • Fixed open URL action on Android 11+ devices
  • Chat icon no longer displayed on form overview
  • Stylesheets can not use the transparent color.


  • Sending mail now supports sending attachments
  • Improved the export form to PDF function

Excel Add-in

  • Forms are now loaded in batches, also added progress bar
  • mappings are now preserved when a user sign in to another account. - 2021-10-13


  • List with mapped default value does not show list items
  • Forms are now loaded when the form is assigned to a user group

3.7.0 - 2021-10-01


Platform - app

  • The rounded property for controls and fields is replaced with a new radius property to enable more customization options
  • There is a new shadow property to give controls and fields more depth
  • Numerical filtering on dashboards is now supported
  • Form overview, gridlist field and gridlist control now support overriding the header text
  • Sorting on combined headers is now possible for subforms
  • Search field and search control now support auto close when an item is selected
  • Forms designer shows the structure of subforms
  • There are 2 new actions for main scanning
    • Set numerical value -> this sets a fixed value for a numerical field
    • Set checkbox -> this sets the value for a checkbox field
  • New form action “trigger main scan” -> this enables main scanning
  • New form property “allow copy” this property can be used to disable the copy feature
  • New form overview system field “Is template”
  • Added support for Zebra scanners -> on zebra scanners main scanning will automatically be activated when configured

Data hub

  • New REST API data driver for loading data from REST API endpoints.
  • New Oracle data driver for import data from Oracle databases.
  • It is now possible to import data directly in data flows without creating a resultset.


  • Form rules are now executed when inline edit or main scanning occurs
  • Workflow notifications are now translated to the end users language
  • Filter control conditions are now set in the link instead of a property
  • We added short cuts to the form designer
  • Dashboard flow filters are now editable
  • Dashboard occurrence parameters are now linked to their source dataclip, preventing unwanted and unintended filtering
  • Improved drag and drop feature when editing merge document, filter fields and sort fields
  • Implemented remember scroll position when navigating back from subforms
  • User thumbnails are now loaded on demand, this reduces data transfer when opening a form overview
  • The AnyService and AnyStatus are converted to .NET core, the anystatus is now part of the anyservice. This results in one less application pool.


  • iOS textbox place holder is now aligned correctly
  • Implemented parameterized queries in form search, parts were not yet parameterized resulting in possible SQL injection risks
  • iOS and Android fixed bug in hiding and showing button in buttonbar
  • Fixed Import of form with unconfigured subform definition
  • Disabled sign in for build in admin account
  • Changed the password of the build in admin account to a random password