All applications are available on all major browsers and as an app on all devices with an Android or IOS operating system.
Any2info has developed its own “app container” with a native user experience for this purpose. Apps can be included in the Google Play and Apple stores under your own account and house style.

Inlog page

Log in

With a username and password assigned to an individual user, you can log in to the app collection (s) available to the user.

Reset password

If an email address has been added to the user data, a request can be made to change a password. An email with actions taken by the user will be received at the email address.


The applications are connected to the platform by means of a unique URL. A URL can be added and / or selected here.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication can be activated for a user, after which, in addition to the username and password, the entry of an extra code is required when logging in to the app. This code can be generated using an Authenticator app from Microsoft or Google.

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